The Emoji Chart


The Emoji Chart is a straightforward and effective tool which has such a powerful impact on children/young people, in the family home and the classroom. Helping your child to express how they feel without having to find the words.


The Emoji Chart

The Emotional Emoji Chart helps children to connect with their emotions, helps them feel better, like themselves more and understand and accept themselves.  The Emoji Chart helps children be friends with their feelings, raising their confidence and self- esteem.

This tool takes the frustration out of parenting and teaching, allowing good communication to flow and rebuilds rapport within the family unit and classroom. Children are no longer misunderstood, and parents and teachers stop feeling like they have failed.

The 1st step in helping your child manage emotions is to assist your child in identifying them. It is a safe and fun way for children to express and manage their emotions by using the reusable Emoji stickers. It’s a way of showing you the parent, teacher how they feel when they can’t find the words, therefore, less emotional meltdowns and aggressive behaviour. Then they can use the tool that helps them to connect to the emotion and to change how they feel.

So many children can’t express themselves in an appropriate way as they’re scared of the reaction of family and teachers as well as being scared of their emotions. This fear of the emotion causes the emotion to build up and then it erupts like a volcano. If you ask a child how they feel about a particular situation or why they behaved in an aggressive way, you’ll likely be greeted with silence or ‘I don’t know’ as a response.  The child isn't difficult they simply can find it hard to find the words to express how they feel, and this is just one of the reasons, why the pictures of the Emoji’s work so beautifully with children.

Being a parent and a business woman working full time myself I understand how busy we can be and it can be easier to ignore our children tantrums or to tell them to STOP IT or go on the naughty step. The key with this chart is to listen to your child. Investing 5/10 minutes out of your day to help them to understand and express themselves can save you hours of pain and frustration having to deal with meltdowns. Spending the time with your child now will contribute to preparing them well for life.  Children who are in tune with their emotions are happier children and parents and teachers with happy children, well, need I say anymore!


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