Libby works with parents and families providing programmes and resources for them which help and supports them with confidence/self-esteem and resilience.


Emoji Chart

I started using the Emoji Chart because I was feeling worried and upset. I found using the chart calmed me down as I got to show how I was feeling by using the Emoji stickers, shapes and colours instead of trying to say it. The tool in the chart helps me to change how I feel.  I find that it’s something I can do with an adult as well as on my own, so they know how I’m feeling. It encourages me to show how I’m feeling. I really enjoy the chart as it helps me to explain my feelings to adults and I quite often use it when I get home from school.

Evie 9 years old

Values exercise and whole brain posture are really helpful and useful to take away and put into practice. Great evening, LOADS of useful info delivered in such a calm yet passionate way by Libby. All incredibly interesting and thought-provoking.

Helen McCann

Thought provoking course, getting me to think about my own emotions and how my children feel. Practical tools to help me deal with tantrums and difficult situations. Also great to hear that I need to spend time on myself and look after myself first without feeling guilty about it.

Jo Thornton

The session was more than I asked for. It was full of useful information, and I learned that I need to talk more to my kids about emotions and give them space to open up.


WOW! So much useful stuff it’s hard to list it all. I’m leaving with clarity on where I’m going wrong and what I’m doing right. This workshop will change our family. I’m certain we will be happier as a result.

Louise Turner

A Parent

I can’t praise Libby and her fantastic Emoji Chart enough. With two small children in the house, it has become an essential tool to help them and myself express our feelings and avoid tantrums and meltdowns. Lily is now able to tell me with words how she is feeling most of the time and we have found the tools very useful too.

It is simple to use and presented in a very engaging way for children.

Thank you so much Libby.


A Parent

“I have been working with Libby for some time now and she is second to none and I can’t recommend her services highly enough”.

I had a number of childhood issues to work through that were affecting me in every area of my life along with work stress, leadership skills and anxiety which Libby has helped me with immensely.

Libby has helped me find myself.

I have learned how to:

  • Prevent a big build-up of anxiety by using the tools and tips that Libby has provided me with
  • Handle work and the people around me much better than I had been handling it previously

Libby has also given parenting advice around empowering my son, so I now give him choices as children are our future leaders.

I feel like a big weight has been lifted and it’s a great feeling.

Without Libby, I wouldn’t be who I am



A Parent

“I have worked with Libby for some time now. Libby is so intuitive and from the first time I worked with her I felt comfortable and never judged. Libby holds up a mirror and allows me to see things that I was unable to see on my own, enabling me to have break-through moments every time I work with her. Whenever I feel stuck or unable to move forward LIbby gives me the tools to enable me to unlock what is going on and move through it. Libby has given me the strength of my convictions to help me make life changing decisions. Working with Libby has undoubtedly helped me grow as a person and I now have a much better understanding of myself from working with her.”


Lyndsay Edge

A Parent

Before Libby came into our lives, things were a huge struggle for us all as a family. My 8 year old son had been experiencing some mild anxiety symptoms for months which we were assured he would grow out of. However, as time went on the anxiety became more and more extreme. My son soon became traumatised by negative thoughts, had difficulty breathing and sleeping; it began to dominate his life. We were powerless to help him as parents as much as we tried and researched the subject. We felt crushed and helpless.

At this point Libby stepped in. My son was keen to try anything which would ” make my worries go away” and we were equally keen for any knowledge / strategies she could impart to help him cope. We never dreamed that after the first session with Libby he would be almost anxiety free!  It was truly the most incredible thing to witness, utterly unexpected – we were  completely astonished ! Over the next few weeks, my son had regular sessions with Libby who he immediately felt comfortable talking to and working with. She gave him tools to deal with his thoughts; the genie technique, thought box, thought train, EFT codes – all of which were useful and there for him when he needed them. The strategies Libby taught him empowered him so that he didn’t feel so helpless and scared any more – he was in control!

It was the amazing work though that Libby did in the sessions with my son which was the catalyst for change in him, enabling him to reprogram his negative thought processes . The irrational thoughts / worries became less and less frequent and then stopped altogether, It changed his life.

Happily, my son now is anxiety free! An outcome that we never dreamed could be possible given the severity of his symptoms. Words don’t really do justice to how we feel about Libby for helping our son, we are so grateful . I would recommend her without reservation – she saved us!


A 16 Year Old

“Before I started to see Libby, I was stressed about my GCSE exams, having problems at home and had a lack of self-confidence. My mum asked me if I wanted to go and see Libby, I was a bit worried about what it was going to be like but went to see what it was like. Libby made the whole thing so relaxed I completely forgot about my worries and was able to open up. Over the six sessions I had, Libby has helped me so much from helping me use techniques in my exams which helped the stress to help me cope with things at home. I’m such a better person since I’ve been with Libby, I cannot thank her enough for what she did.”

Molly Beadle – 16 Years Old

Learning and development session

‘Best L&D session I’ve attended very relevant’

‘Excellent presentation’

‘Very useful and interesting’

‘Helpful tips & information to use with families’

‘Really practical ways to manage stress’

Mindfulness Workshop


Everything about dealing with your emotions and your child’s and practical tools to help. The values exercise was enlightening. Feeling empowered to change how you feel by changing your thoughts.

Thank you so much

Carla Cadiz


Libby has been awesome in her work for us here at Twinkl resources helping teachers with their wellbeing. She has provided numerous live stream sessions on meditation techniques, sleep and well-being and gives fantastic follow-up support to our members. Her calm and professional manner is perfect for her presentations, instilling confidence in her audience.

We look forward to working with her again soon!

Kate Stafford

Emoji Chart

We started using the Emoji Chart around a year ago with our seven-year-old son Sam and the results have been fantastic. Prior to using the Emoji Chart, small incidents could escalate quickly into a full meltdown.

The Emoji Chart has been a great tool to help Sam express how he feels and manage his emotions. It is also a useful tool to communicate with Sam how we feel as parents.  It calms tricky situations down and aids dialogue.

It really does help nip meltdowns in the bud!

If you want to encourage your children to be able to talk about and express how they are feeling. Then I can’t recommend this simple easy to use chart enough.

Rob & Sam

Emoji Chart

A testimonial from a parent.

The emoji chart is a fantastic tool to help children (and parents too!) to understand and express their emotions.

My son Jack is 7 and has retained reflexes. One of his challenges has been he’s found it really difficult to regulate his emotions.

He’s loved using this tool to help him tell me how he’s really feeling and it’s helped him get through his emotional outbursts so much quicker.

I’d highly recommend this tool! Every family should have one.


A mother

I have used Libby’s services on a number of occasions and will always go back when I need her. She helps me with emotional and physical pain, getting to the psychological source and enables me to deal with it effectively.

I have had sessions with my daughter, who suffers from anxiety and we have been able to boost her confidence and give her work arounds to deal with emotions that sometimes stop her in her tracks.

I would recommend Libby to parents who want to help their children deal with fear and negative emotions and I would also recommend Libby to those people suffering from emotional and physical pain. Libby has helped me a lot and I am extremely grateful to her.

Amanda xx

Her meditations are fabulous

I was really tired so fell asleep quickly. Then I woke in the early hours and tossed and turned for a while so I listened to it again and it was FABULOUS!. I usually can’t get to sleep whatever I do but I found the visualisation of the butterflies in the net took all of the buzzing thoughts out of my head and I fell back to sleep soon after the meditation finished.

I am now sleeping much better so only have to use it occasionally now.

I love the stress one and the energy one too, I can actually feel my body tingling with energy afterwards.

Libby’s voice is SO FANTASTIC on it, SO CALMING.


A Mother

Libby is one of the most talented people I know. Her intuition and mixture of skills are amazing. I have watched her transform the lives of my children and she has had an amazing effect on my life also.


I have worked with Libby over the past few years through various changes in my life. She gave me the space to talk through what I needed and has given me the tools to push forward.

Libby is a very calming person. She knew exactly what I needed and checked in with me outside my sessions.

 I can’t thank Libby enough for all of her help and guidance. Without her help, I don’t think I would be the person I am today.


Emma A

A Mother

I have always been open to the idea of Coaching, but I nearly cancelled my first session with Libby as I felt that shattered I couldn’t see the point.

I had just gone back to work after having my second child and so was feeling shattered;  I felt there were a million and other things I could be doing with that time; I was feeling tired and stressed with work, and so disorganised in life generally I thought there was no way I would gain any benefit from the session – I was expecting to come out with more things to add to my to-do list!. However, that one session has been such a turning point for me.

Libby helped me understand and embrace my personality type – my strengths and weaknesses, and to change my expectations of how I am.

Libby gave me some tools as well to cope with situations, such as positive visualisation and “choose your mood” – things that sound so simple and yet are so powerful. I could not believe the benefits I got from one session – I am constantly using those tools and going back to what we discussed in our session.

And yes I am still tired all the time, but I don’t feel stressed, I am much more relaxed and positive and don’t feel the loss of control I was experiencing before talking to Libby. And if I ever feel myself going back to that place I was in I will be straight on the phone to Libby!


It has been so helpful to discuss my problems, and I now feel optimistic about how to manage my emotions in reaction to my children.


A Mother

Libby has helped rid myself of overwhelming anxiety and I am know thanks to Libby a better mother, daughter and wife. Nothing holds me back anymore … I really cannot thank Libby enough for helping to get to a point of being able to live the best life I can.

A Mother

My anxiety was  out of control. The catalyst was my anxiety being a passenger in a car and the anxiety connected with flying was  terrible …. it was getting much worse  so I decided that I had to address this as it was impacting on my life … I was avoiding getting in a car with my husband!!! Also the relationship with my mother was terrible, I really wanted this to change. Things had to change I no longer wanted to live like this.

Libby had been recommended to me and as soon as I met Libby I felt at ease and knew that she would help me get to the bottom of this anxiety, although I had no idea how she would do this. Libby used the PSYCH- K technique with me along with other techniques and using her intuition, helping me to connect to the emotions she helped me release trauma, feelings, events that I had stored in my body since childhood.

It was this that was the route of my “behaviour and reaction to certain situations”.

Libby was so supportive, gentle, kind, I felt safe to let go and gradually my anxiety and overall well-being began to improve for all aspects of my life.

 After working with Libby … I can go in a car with my husband, I drove to Wales on a motorway and I can now fly with no worries. These are just pointers …. my whole life has improved, happier, calmer, free, able to just be at one with myself, a better mother, daughter and wife. My relationship with my mother is so much better too it is like I am at peace at last.

I feel like I am back on track, quite literally and I am just so grateful that I took the step to really sort myself out as we all should live the best life we can it is so precious.


A Teacher

My name is Su, I’m 50 years old and I am a teacher in Leeds.

For the last 20 odd years, I have suffered from dizziness and headaches. Thirteen of the years I saw different consultants, who carried out different tests on my symptoms, or gave me various tablets to take. Neither of them ever resolved the problem and as the dizziness and headaches became more frequent and lasted for longer bouts of time, I decided to take an alternative route to take numerous medications.

Libby’s name was recommended to me by a member of my family.

I emailed Libby with a brief description of my problem, triggers and how it was having an impact on my work and home life.

  • Light headiness and dizziness which lasted for a few seconds to a minute at different times in the day.
  • Feeling sick, like travel sickness.
  • Pressure across my temple and the sides of my head.
  • Increasing strong heart beats or the feeling of an off-beat quivering.
  • Shaking of hands and legs.
  • This led to vomiting if I did not lie down.
    Some days these symptoms would go away after a good hour’s sleep. Other times the symptoms would linger during the next few days, leaving me feeling unbalanced with a headache.
    Impact on my life
    The after effect of the ‘dizziness was just allowing me to get through my job as best as I could. I’d go home and sleep it off and then repeat the next day feeling the same. If I went on the sick each time it happened I would have ended up losing my job.
    When at work I often had to lie down in a staff meeting or would be driven home by others due to not being fit to teach or drive. I missed out on socialising with friends and family due to trying to sleep off headaches and feeling sick.

Libby has a calm, friendly mannerism which puts you at ease. I remember her first words to me were that ‘she wanted to get to the bottom of my cause and cure it, rather than just putting a plaster over the problem so to keep it under control.’

During the six sessions, I met with Libby I have:-

  • recalled past events which must have been deeply buried in my unconscious,
  • felt the reduction of pressure in my head
  • stopped taking tablets
  • got rid of the symptoms and finally got my life back after years of continues sickness and dizziness

Thank you, Libby, you kept to your word and found the cause to my condition. I am forever grateful.


A Teacher

Before the sessions, the children had a very low opinion of themselves which resulted in very low confidence in their ability. Over the 8 weeks, the children were taught skills to help them develop their confidence and channel their frustration. They were taught skills that would help them to remain calm and beat stress, which for a class who were afraid to attempt their work for fear of getting it wrong was a fantastic skill to gain.

Most importantly, the children were taught how to view not only themselves but others positively. The children were encouraged to find aspects of themselves that they liked, they were taught that by spreading kindness and positivity it would make the classroom a much happier and safe place to be and they were taught how to structure their thinking so that anything is achievable. For me, this was one of the most important skills taught to the children. The children were given a child-friendly explanation of how the brain works and that it only does what you tell it to. If you only ever tell; the brain negative things, then it will only ever do negative things. The children took really well to this part of the course and still today use the skills taught to help their classmates from falling back into old habits.

There has been a drastic change in the attitudes and self-esteem of the children in my class as a result of this 8-week course. I would, without a doubt, recommend this program to other schools to use to help build confidence and self-image. Not only did the children take a lot from the sessions, but I feel that I learnt a lot about myself too.

Abi Young (Y4 Class teacher), Abi Young Year 4 teacher

Wonderful World Of Wellbeing FESTIVAL

Libby has dedicated her specialist work to empowering children by leading them to their own light working time and time again in unique ways. Her decision to fully align with the Wonderful World of Wellbeing festival and become Headline Sponsor ‘WWoW4kids’ zone is a testimony to her belief in the future of children’s emotion needs.

Three times exhibitor, a twice festival sponsor, speaks volumes to the effectiveness of collaboration in the festival.

This is what the founder Diane Mitchell had to say upon witnessing Libby with both parents & children in a festival workshop last year ‘”Seeing children and Libby coming together, is a profound experience. The immediate connect she has with children is like metal to a magnet. The children automatically without invitation stood up walked to her and interacted with her presentation.

This was so compelling. It was as if, this was planned, yet knowing it was an organic response between both Libby & the kids made my heart sing. This is the stuff our festivals are made of. Changing lives one festival at a time – no matter what age” 
Libby, whilst speaking with the founder of the festival could not impress enough the importance of reaching down to the children, assisting them to live a full life from early stages is key. Such a beautiful synergy.

Diane Mitchell Founder of Wonderful World of Wellbeing Festival

A Parent

I contacted Libby when I was very low, desperately worried about my 14-year-old son, who had been very withdrawn and depressed. Some days he seemed so down, could hardly function properly, near to tears. He couldn’t tell me why or express exactly how he felt, just that he had a sad sinking feeling, which is a terrible thing for a parent to hear. I was desperate and when I heard about Libby I was relieved that I had someone to contact who might be able to help.

Libby was brilliant, she understood exactly how I felt and worked with me to improve how I was dealing with the situation, and also, of course, worked on my son’s problems. She showed me ways that I could cope more calmly with the situation, and tools and methods that I could use, which I will continue to use going forward. I was amazed that even after our first session there was a distinct improvement in my son’s mood. He seemed as if a load had been lifted, and although he still has a few down days, as all teenagers do, it is nothing like how he used to be.

He seems happier and calmer, as do I, and hopefully, this will continue to improve.

I am so pleased that I took the step to contact Libby. I would highly recommend her if you are in a similar situation, it has been very easy to work with her, she has been so caring and helpful.

Michelle - Parent of a 14-year-old.

A Parent

I came to use Libby services. We as as family were in overwhelm for a number of different reasons.

The pressure of family life, a child with neurodiversity needs, and the pressure and stress of working from home.

Libby worked with myself, partner and child to support us as a family and guided us with different tactics we could use in situations.

It was that calming influence we needed to guide us through the rough ride we were up against. It particularly helped me understand where my overwhelm was coming from.

And hey it’s not always what you think it is !!!

Libby has the emotional tools to help you get there and understand your own feelings. I can not thank Libby enough for the help and support she gave my family.

As the weeks went on I could see how my family changed from a chaotic household to a more calming environment.


Thank You


Jo Lamb

A Parent

I contacted Libby as our daughter was suffering from anxiety which was brought on with the onset of GCSE exams & we were at a loss as to what to do.

Libby was really lovely to work with. As well as working with our daughter we found that on days that were particularly hard between sessions we could contact her to ask for advice & support.

It meant that we felt we had someone to fall back on ourselves when needed as a parent.

I feel Libby has given us the tools to work with going forward to help our daughter & also know that if needed we can call her anytime to offer further support.

When Libby begins working with a child it is the whole family that she is working with, which as a parent is nice to know we have a bit of a safety net ourselves.”

A mum of a teenager

Boy, do we need Libby Steggles-Ginn in this world and our lives?

She not only empowers children to express themselves freely and in a healthy way but she also empowers, encourages and enlightens parents. We live in a world with many antiquated norms and expectations when it comes to parenting. Come and learn with this inspiring beauty.

Miatha from M.A.P.S Global

A Parent

“I had the three-month programme of support from Libby and I found her ideas, insights and positive energy to be invaluable.
I wasn’t sure what to expect, how much support there would be and how deep we would go but it genuinely felt like Libby became a part of our extended family during the programme.
The weekly Zoom calls were both motivational and emotional as we peeled back the layers of our issues and looked at ways of healing and moving forward.
I also greatly valued the support that was on hand by text and voice message in times of difficulty when I needed advice.
It is now 4 months on from when I first met Libby and our family is in a completely different place now. Family life is much more harmonious and I have a good solid base from which to build and support the children as they grow.
I would definitely recommend Libby’s services.”



A Father

“Libby is supporting my family with ongoing issues around ADHD on one of our family sessions it was identified that I needed that safe space to talk to understand my own emotions and get them in check and to try and dilute the intrusive thoughts that were going around in my mind.  

I found Libby very understanding, calming and supportive throughout my sessions.  Her approach was different to any other therapy it’s not just about talking it’s about understanding your feelings and how you can control them.
My sessions with Libby have been a success I now feel more relaxed in control and have said goodbye to any negativity in my mind.
My intrusive thoughts now no longer impact my daily life.
Thank you”

A father

I made an appointment with Libby when I came to realise I really wasn’t myself I’m a very dedicated, motivated, honest, hardworking family man and I found myself in a very very dark place. I was angry all the time but not just unapproachable and sharp, anger that brought about so much pain inside. I wasn’t sure who I was, or where it was coming from. My relationship with my wife had completely broken down, we were arguing constantly and had very little love, or respect for one another and my two beautiful daughters were annoying me every minute of every day. I would snap at them in a breath and just wanted to be away from all of them I reached out to Libby for help.

Not wanting counselling and feeling like a failure for seeking help I had put it off many times before, but after that first appointment Libby’s connection was unbelievable, her level of understanding put me at ease, and I knew instantly I was in the right hands It’s difficult when you’re motivated by a particular outcome to sit and be open without trying to force change. I’m very impatient and also very driven so to be calm and trust the process was something I had to work on. Letting go was a theme of the majority of my sessions and highlights the fact I hold on to things, and perhaps overthink things. This journey has 100% made me see things differently, I can see now that it made me defensive, negative and even judgmental. I had major trust issues from being repeatedly let down by others, and this was holding me back.

I will always find it difficult to forgive those that have hurt me or betrayed my trust, but Libby’s techniques are extraordinary. It’s not counselling in common sense you don’t bring things to the service, that you have to talk through like you’re being judged. That just wouldn’t work for me!! instead, you work together on clearing all the blocks and barriers you have put in place to protect yourself. I liken it to knocking down walls to reveal a clear path of intention. You feel open, light, and confident

My daily mantra is now The more I let go the higher I will rise I continue to work on myself daily, and thanks to the help of Libby my relationships with those that are dearest to me have never been better.

I feel Liberated.


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