“Creating a happy and harmonious school with nurtured children learning and growing together, encouraged to be their authentic selves whilst feeling safe and understood.”


So many parents tell me that all they want for their children is for them to be happy. I am one of those parents, and yet so many children are not happy when in school.

I am on a mission to change the education system.

In all of the years I have been working with families, I have seen how kids are being affected by the school system. It is destroying their confidence and self-esteem, and they feel so stressed and like they are failing.

The education system has become so focussed on assessments and results. A child’s emotional health is far more important than all the qualifications, and when a child feels happy, they naturally learn and see that learning is its own reward.

A school should be nurturing and a happy place for children to come and learn, and yet so many young people are on the waiting list for help with their emotional well-being, and parents feel helpless.

Stress, anxiety and depression are rising in both children and teachers.

Teachers are burning out, and their passion is stamped out as they just can’t teach how they want to due to the rules, regulations and targets they must reach.  Teachers have a big impact on children’s happiness in school. Happier teachers teach better.

This has to change, and I am creating a school system that will do just that!

I have created programmes that will be embedded into the school curriculum teaching children from a young age about Social and emotional intelligence, positive relationships, and mindfulness helping them to take responsibility for their emotions so they will thrive throughout their school years and for the rest of their lives.

If you are interested in finding out more information or supporting the school, getting involved or even investing, then you can contact me at support@theemojicoach.com or by phone

07882 333386