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“I am passionate about helping kids, young people, parents and teachers grow their self esteem and confidence so they can be who they truly are instead of being lost in the dark, so they can feel happy and free and live a healthier and more resilient life. I have the empathy and understanding to be able to connect with children as they all deserve to believe in themselves and understand themselves. Everybody does!”

"I myself was a very insecure little girl with no confidence and quite often felt alone and scared; I would have loved to have had the opportunity to be a part of a programme like this. I have a huge amount of passion to make a difference to children’s and youths lives. This is where my heart lies!"

"Children are the future leaders so let’s help them to be good leaders."

“When mum steps into her personal power and brings back the real her, she then parents from that place and the possibilities are endless for what her children can achieve.”

“ You are important, You matter”

About Libby

Why don’t Our kids don’t come with a handbook!!

What parenting books don’t prepare us for is how much our hearts will hurt when our child is upset or struggling!

I used to believe it was unconditional love for my child that was causing my heart to ache.

How seeing my children struggle with confidence and low self-esteem tore at my own heart because I was reminded of how life was for me as a little girl and I so wanted to protect them.

As soon as my children joined the school system, it was like all hell broke loose!  I experienced so much conflict about how to raise my children and I completely lost my sense of what was “right”.

It was a losing battle because there was just ME vs. Societal conditioning, past parental programming and trying to maintain ‘approval and acceptance’ from school and the other mums so my children wouldn’t suffer.

The more my children struggled, the more I was receiving ‘advice’ about how to deal with them, the more frustrated, confused and anxious I became.

I doubted myself at every turn, losing my temper and feeling like I was failing as a mother.

I poured all of my energy, resources and mind-power into finding the “right” ways to support my children and with every new ‘strategy’ I tried at and failed at…I felt more desperate, helpless and hopeless.  Beating myself up and feeling totally isolated. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me?

Imagine standing alone in the school playground, feeling judged, unsafe and exposed…And I’m not talking about my child!  This was how I felt!! The Parent!

I lost all sense of who I was.  Where was the fun Libby?  The great mum and wife that I knew I was inside.  She was gone and what was left was a shell.

The stress put my sympathetic nervous system on overload, my digestive system suffered, my sleep was disturbed, I was hyper-sensitive, hyper-vigilant and miserable!

And of course, my relationship with my soul mate husband started to bend under the pressure as we snapped at each other.

My turning point came during a particular stressful time when I was wishing with my whole heart to help my son develop his self confidence and rebuild his self-esteem so he could thrive.

I had the sudden realisation that the only way I could truly help my children to thrive is if I was thriving first.

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This seems so illogical as a mother, and believe me, I went through the guilt of putting me first and not my family. Each time I focused on myself my gremlin brain would say “but it’s your kids that need this help, what about them?” but the breakthrough was life transformative and in that moment I made a decision that was to set my life, and my family’s life on a whole new path…

Back to wholeness, with compassion, healthy communication and deep connection.

I decided to step into MY personal power as a parent!  Wow!! I awoke to the fact that the first person that needed help and healing was me and so begun my journey of empowerment, healing and authentic soul connection.

That journey brings me here, now, and to you.

I am a mother, a wife and a business woman on a mission to help families to thrive and create the next generation of emotionally healthy, empowered and happy children.

Your children are so important but you must put yourself first and invest in yourself to help your children. We get told to put our own oxygen mask on first, on an aeroplane, before we help our children.  That analogy is apt.  If you don’t get enough oxygen then how can you help your family?

And this is what makes my work so effective, because it’s well evidenced that when you heal your own childhood wounds and you do the work to break disempowering and traumatic generational patterns within your own self and energetic field:

  • your child and close ones around you also reaps the benefits
  • You clear all of the past patterns, beliefs, shocks, traumas and liberate yourself
  • Family life changes for the better

When I discovered this, I entered a whole new stage of parenting and empowering my children.

Now, I absolutely love my family life. I feel so happy and proud being with my family. My kids are now teenagers, and I love the “teens stage.” Yes, you heard me right, I love it!

  • Communication flows within the family
  • My children have high emotional intelligence and
  • They are resilient and happy kids

My husband and I have fun quality time together and our relationship has never been better.

So, if you’re ready to:

  • Step into your personal power as a parent
  • Create pathways of powerful communication with and for your children
  • Bring more harmony, balance, peace and laughter into your lives
  • Feel sure of yourself as a parent
  • See your children’s confidence, self-esteem and happiness grow right before your eyes
  • Making small changes that have a huge impact
  • Feel centered and balanced
  • Gain that restful sleep pattern
  • Tap into that part of you that is wise and knowledgeable
  • Experience whole hearted soul level connection with yourself and your loved ones

Then simply click the link here and book an initial private consultation with me.  During this call, I’ll help you get clarity on your next best steps to empower yourself as parent and help your children to thrive.

A little more about Libby

Libby and Life

Libby is a mother, a wife and a businesswoman on a mission to help families to thrive and create the next generation of emotionally healthy, empowered and happy children.

“My children have taught me so much about life and myself.”

With having a passion in life for helping parents to raise confident, resilient and happy kids, developing the brand and programme of “The Emoji Coach” was a dream come true for me, and I am looking forward to taking this worldwide to help as many parents, children/teens and families as I can.”

Libby On The Radio

Libby hosts the “Parent Talk” show the 2nd Wednesday of each month on Yowah Radio.

Libby has been interviewed on Made in Leeds.

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Libby's Qualifications
  • Level 2 in Autism awareness
  • Transference healing Child of light
  • Reyad Sekh Em® (Egyptian Alchemy Healing) Practitioner levels 1& 2
  • Diploma in teaching Meditation 
  • Diploma in Mindfulness
  • Advanced Facilitator in PSYCH-K 
  • Basic PSYCH-K
  • Certified Practitioner in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy 2011
  • Diploma in Youth Coaching 
  • Diploma Personal Development Coaching 
  • Certificate in Counselling and Therapeutic Skills 
  • Basic Counselling skills


    What They Say

    Libby is a healer, healing the wounds from the past that is affecting parents lives in the present.

    Libby strategises on communication, tools and techniques. She teaches parents and children how to communicate.

    Libby teaches parents and children how to connect to their emotions.

    She guides them to listen to their bodies and helps them to understand what their body is trying to tell them.

    Libby’s gift is her connection with herself and others, and she has the ability to know what her clients want even when they can’t communicate it themselves.

    Libby has 100% belief in both her clients and what’s possible

    Libby is perceptive and intuitive which helps bring about the changes in the perspective of parents and children

    Libby is perceptive and intuitive which helps bring about the changes in the perspective of parents and children.

    Libby has been through her own journey, and now it’s time for her to help you.

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