Helping You Liberate Yourself from The Unhealthy Parenting Patterns To Create Greater Empowerment, Family Harmony and Communication with Your Kids.

It starts with you, I empower you to empower your child.



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What’ll You Can Expect from this Free 5-Day Video Series:

  • Freedom from spinning too many plates and feeling overwhelm as you discover how to feel more in control of your emotions, your environment and your time.
  • Learn how to heal your own inner child wounds and past patterns so you can enjoy raising your kids free from guilt and shame.
  • Open your heart and feel the confidence grow with yourself and your family bringing Compassion, communication and connection and happiness into your daily lives.

By empowering YOU to heal your own childhood wounds, break outdated and destructive generational parenting patterns and fully step into your personal power, the possibilities for you, your child and your family are endless!


What They Say

Libby has helped rid myself of overwhelming anxiety and I am know thanks to Libby a better mother, daughter and wife. Nothing holds me back anymore … I really cannot thank Libby enough for helping to get to a point of being able to live the best life I can

The big aha moment for me has been how important it is to beware of what’s behind the generational patterns

A mother from the 4 month parenting programme.

Watching the positive ripple effects work its way through the family is magical.”

4 month programme

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