Why don’t Teens come with a handbook workshop?

Isn’t it incredible that when your relationship with your teenager isn’t working, you can feel so unhappy and physically and emotionally drained, almost like you are wading through treacle?

 This parenting workshop is for you if you have a child in secondary school and are struggling with communication and boundaries and feeling overwhelmed.

The workshop is all about helping you to change the energy around parenting your teenager.

Empowering you to Clear any old patterns so you will go from reacting to your teenager to responding, moving you out of your head and connecting you back into your body and heart so you will be parenting from your innate wisdom, feeling confident that you will no longer doubt yourself or need validation from anyone else.

We will be creating deep energetic, and vibrational changes to create long lasting internal shifts which will have a ripple effect throughout your family bringing compassion, communication and connection back into your family life.

 This workshop is for you if you are a parent of a teen who is:

Tired of trying to find your way around your teen’s emotions in the dark?

Feeling drained and frustrated that your teen isn’t listening to you and your nagging and communication is going down the drain

Struggling with setting boundaries and parenting conditionally whilst being fed up with feeling like you’re always getting it wrong and fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing

You can see the same patterns happening in your teenager that happened to you and it is triggering and bringing your “stuff” up to the surface, and you struggle to let them go on their own journey

Exhausted and feeling resentful, trying to be there for everyone while forgetting about the most important person. YOU?

Feeling like you’re failing and want a lifeline?



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 Do You:

Want to let go of the generational patterns that are no longer serving you or your family?

Want to feel calmer and more energised?

Want to understand your teen’s behaviour more and why you get triggered?

Want to have fewer arguments with your teenager so the connection and respect can grow between you

Want to feel confident in your parenting style?

Want to find a way of parenting that sits well with yourself and WORKS?

Have more connection and mutual respect in your relationship

Want to make sure that your teen can come to you with the big things as well as the little things

 What you will get from this workshop:

How to parent unconditionally and still set boundaries

Techniques to manage yourself, your energy and emotions, and your stress (including an emergency kit for when it hits the fan)

A toolkit to use with your teenager

A  new sense of belief and direction

A  new perception of parenting your teen

A  way of communicating with your teenager that will create a mutual respect

And most of all, feeling and believing that you’ve got this!

 There will be a powerful visualisation technique to change the generational pattern running through you. Energetic and vibrational changes will create a deep internal shift and have a ripple effect throughout your family.

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 By working with me for the day its going to help you to get the right balance for you and your family whilst understanding the role of yours and your teens emotions.

You will also:

  • Appreciate your teenager’s amazing brain
  • Consciously choose whether you’re in manager or coach mode
  • Let go of the reigns whilst having boundaries In place
  • Enjoy being a parent of a teenager

You will come away being able to hold the space for your teenager and will be able to support them more deeply. Feeling motivated and happy with an inner strength and confidence and you’ll have more of an understanding of your teens behaviour Being able to see a clear path ahead of you and have tools/strategies for any obstacles that may feel like they get in your way.

Which will help you to:

  • Be the best parent you want can be
  • Feel lighter and Happier

Your teenager will no longer feel misunderstood, and you, the parents, will stop feeling like you have failed.

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So much useful stuff it’s hard to list it all. I’m leaving with clarity on where I’m going wrong and what I’m doing right. This workshop will change our family. I’m certain we will be happier as a result.

Louise Tanner


Everything about dealing with your emotions and your child’s and practical tools to help. The values exercise was enlightening. Feeling empowered to change how you feel by changing your thoughts. Thank you so much.

Carla Cadiz

Values exercise and whole brain posture is really helpful and useful to take away and put into practice. Great evening, LOADS of useful info delivered in such a calm yet passionate way by Libby.

All incredibly interesting and thought-provoking.

Helen McCann

The session was more than I asked for. It was full of useful information, and I learned that I need to talk more to my kids about


The Details:

Live workshop


Saturday 26th November 2022


Heart Centre
Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre
Bennett Rd. Leeds, LS6 3HN

Doors Open / Registration: 9.40 am

The workshop startas at 10.00am propmt.

Lunch: 1 pm (Lunch will be provided)

Please advise of any dietary requirements.

Finish: 4 pm (Lunch will be provided)

Drinks will be on a help-yourself basis throught the day.

Click here to sign up for this workshop’s special offer of just £87.00