SATS I always take a deep sigh when I hear the word SATS.   Some parents get their children tutors for SATS, and the majority don’t. We didn’t, and I certainly made sure that my children knew it was for the school but yet there is something that still unsettles them, and I can’t blame them for feeling like that.   Teachers are under so much pressure nowadays in teaching, and SATS and GCSE’s add a whole more to them as they’ve got to get those children through and with good results. (Link Meditations)   So, how can you help your child?   Tips

  • What is important is to ensure that children understand that SATS are testing the schools and not your child/children.


  • If your child is worrying about the SATS, then talk to your child’s teacher so your child can feel supported both at home and in school.


  • Help your child to see that they are amazing and have such wonderful personalities and qualities that no test could measure.


  • Affirmations are a good way to help them to feel good about themselves (link to audio, downloadable, printable cards, Shop, phrases to use in the home, achievements,


  • Make light of the situation. Make a new name for SATS.


  • Play some fun upbeat, feel-good music either before they go to school, or if you’re a teacher, you could play it in the classroom.


  • Change the name and call them a quiz instead of a test.


  • Practicing Meditation and listening to calming visualisations are great to help the children feel calmer. (Link)


  • Let them have plenty of fresh air and exercise. Let them run around outside, maybe take them to the park after school, or go for a mindful walk (link) to bring them to the present moment instead of worrying about the next test. Help them see that they’ve done one and they can do another.


  • The Emoji Chart is a great way to help them express how they feel (link) with a tool included to help them change how they feel.

  If you are concerned about your child’s emotional wellbeing then contact me to have a free consultation.