September is just around the corner, in fact, it will be here at the end of this week and so for many of you, your child/children will be either starting primary school, going back to school and moving up a year or transitioning up to secondary school. I remember my children’s 1st day at primary school and the transition up the secondary school and so I know all about the mixed emotions that can stir up in both yourself and your child/children.                                                                     Some children take to school with no problems and for some, they can feel quite overwhelmed and a lot of emotions can come to the surface without them really understanding why. It can be a big deal! If your child doesn’t settle going into the school you may then leave your child feeling guilty, upset, worried and sometimes even traumatised for the rest of the day, whilst they’ll have forgotten all about it and are enjoying there day! There is a free resource centre within the website but I wanted to make it even easier for you and so I have created this page just for going “back to school”.   On this page you will find:
  • Transition to Primary school E-Book
  • Transition to Secondary school E-Book
  • Back to school visualisation
  • Mindfulness breathing cards (downloadable)
  • Blog, top tips on how to help your child back to school
  • The Emoji Chart ~ The Emoji Chart is a fun way for children to understand, express and manage their emotions whilst feeling safe and understood. By using reusable Emoji stickers your child/children can express how they feel without trying to find the words. ‘It nips emotional meltdowns in the bud”
  • Affirmations cards ~ A pack of 50 Affirmation Cards with an easy to use tool to clear old beliefs. They come with a wipe clean pen as your child/children can write their own affirmations on the cards too as many times as they like. Your children will learn to believe in themselves whilst having fun using these bright and colourful cards with beautiful affirmations.
  You can access the Free Resource centre and create an account by clicking on the “Log in” tab in the menu bar. Create an account and you will then have access to all the free resources.       E-Books                                                                                                Transition to Primary School                                                                                    Transition to Secondary School Click to download                                                                                                     Click to download       Back to school visualisation. Click to listen   Mindfulness breathing cards                     Click on the cards to download     Top tips on helping your child back to school blog Click on this link to download   SHOP Click on the image to take you to the shop       I’m sure these resources will help you and your child go “Back to school” easily and effortlessly!                            If you have any questions or would like further help and advice then contact me and I will help you all I can.     Libby  ]]>